Logan Paul Decides Against MMA Rematch With Dillon Danis


Logan Paul, the YouTube star-turned-boxer, has decided to shut down any possibility of a rematch with MMA fighter Dillon Danis. Despite being confident in his ability to defeat Danis, Paul explained on his “Impaulsive” podcast that the fight will not happen due to a lack of respect and sportsmanship.

Key Takeaway

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul has called off the possibility of an MMA rematch with Dillon Danis due to Danis’ lack of sportsmanship, respect, and poor performance in their initial bout. Paul emphasizes the importance of respecting the sport and one’s opponent, asserting that Danis does not deserve a platform for his behavior.

Change of Heart

Initially, Paul had expressed his willingness to enter the realm of MMA to face off against Danis if he showed up to their October 14th fight. The two even shook hands to solidify the deal. However, the circumstances have now changed as Paul backpedals on his promise.

Paul revealed, “No, and you know why? I said I would if he gave me his whole purse, which is not gonna happen, obviously.” It seems that Paul believes Danis does not deserve the platform nor the opportunity for a rematch due to his behavior leading up to their initial bout.

A Lack of Respect

Paul firmly criticized Danis, stating, “We saw what kind of person he is. I walked into the arena to boos, I left to cheers. No one likes that dirty fight s***, bro. You came to box, like, respect the sport. Respect me as an opponent. Back up your words. Are you a man?”

The YouTuber went on to emphasize that talking trash for months and attempting to ruin someone’s life only to perform poorly in the ring is unacceptable. Paul alluded to the relentless social media attacks launched by Danis prior to the fight, which resulted in Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, filing a lawsuit and obtaining a restraining order against Danis.

Danis’ Lackluster Performance

Paul’s decision to call off a potential rematch stems from the belief that Danis did not live up to his own hype. It appears that Danis failed to prove himself in the ring, causing Paul to question his integrity and credibility.

While Paul acknowledges his victory in the fight, which ended via disqualification, he also took the opportunity to publicly apologize to Agdal for involving her in his pre-fight trash talk. Paul expressed remorse and vowed to make it up to her for the rest of his life.