Dillon Danis Throws Microphone At Logan Paul’s Face During Press Conference Fight


In a shocking turn of events, Dillon Danis and Logan Paul engaged in a heated altercation during their prefight press conference on Thursday. The incident occurred as the two were on stage promoting their upcoming boxing match set to take place on Saturday.

Key Takeaway

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul’s prefight press conference took a violent turn when Danis hurled a microphone at Paul’s face. The incident adds an unexpected element of animosity to their upcoming boxing match.

The Microphone Throw

As tensions rose, Logan Paul threw a bottle at his bitter rival, Dillon Danis, just moments before they were supposed to engage in a ceremonial staredown. In a fit of rage, Danis retaliated by hurling a powerful microphone at Paul’s face.

The impact of the throw appeared to hit Paul in the face, causing chaos to erupt as the crowd and event staff rushed to separate the two fighters. Other individuals in the vicinity joined in by throwing more objects, further escalating the situation.

A Contentious Press Conference

Before the microphone incident, Logan Paul brought out Chris Hansen, known for his investigative reporting on alleged predators, to taunt Danis. This move added fuel to the already fiery atmosphere and increased the tension between the two fighters.

Implications for the Boxing Match

The incident raises questions about the potential repercussions for the upcoming boxing match between Dillon Danis and Logan Paul. With just 48 hours until the fight, it remains to be seen if either fighter sustained any injuries that could affect the outcome of the bout.