Dillon Danis Claims He Earned Over $1 Million For Logan Paul Fight


MMA fighter Dillon Danis made headlines recently when he revealed that he earned a substantial amount of money for his boxing match against YouTube star Logan Paul. The 30-year-old athlete shared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” that he made over $1 million for the one-sided bout.

Key Takeaway

Dillon Danis claims to have earned over

million for his boxing match against Logan Paul, despite his eventual loss and disqualification. The disclosure highlights the financial rewards associated with these high-profile bouts.

A Disappointing Outcome

Despite the significant payday, Danis’s fight against Paul did not go as planned. He lost every round and ultimately got disqualified in the sixth round. This defeat marked Danis’s first fight since 2019, and it seems unlikely that the two competitors will face off in an MMA bout in the future.

Danis had previously made a bold offer to Paul, stating that he would give him the entire check if Paul emerged victorious in their match. However, the MMA fighter later backtracked on this promise, claiming that they never shook hands on the agreement.

Potential Controversy

Despite his defeat, Danis believes there is a chance he may still be declared the winner due to an incident during the fight. He argues that since Logan Paul attempted to punch him while on the ground, he should be awarded the victory. However, it remains to be seen whether his appeal will have any merit in the outcome of the match.

A Lucrative Payday

Dillon Danis’s disclosure of his earnings sheds light on the lucrative nature of boxing matches involving social media influencers and professional athletes. While the fight ultimately ended in defeat, the hefty paycheck is certainly a silver lining for the MMA fighter.