L&HH: Miami Star Vonshae Blames Gunplay’s Drug Use For Baby’s Heart Defect


“Love & Hip Hop” star Vonshae Taylor-Morales has come forward with shocking allegations, blaming her estranged husband, Gunplay, for their infant daughter’s heart defect. The reality TV personality, born Osanna Ohana, was born in March with a medical condition that Vonshae claims is a direct result of Gunplay’s alleged drug use.

Key Takeaway

Vonshae Taylor-Morales, a star on “Love & Hip Hop: Miami,” blames her estranged husband, Gunplay, for their daughter’s heart defect, alleging that it is a result of his drug use. The couple has had a history of conflict, with Gunplay being arrested for endangering Vonshae and their daughter during a violent altercation.

Accusations of Drug Abuse

Vonshae took to Instagram Live to share her side of the story, accusing Gunplay of abusing cocaine and ketamine behind her back. She claims that she had explicitly asked him to stay drug-free before their daughter’s birth, but he failed to do so. Gunplay allegedly tried to cover up his drug use by claiming to have allergies whenever he was caught “sniffing.”

A History of Conflict

The situation escalated when Vonshae confronted Gunplay about his drug use. Their fights became increasingly intense, leading to a troubling incident in August. Gunplay was arrested for allegedly pulling out a gun on Vonshae and endangering their daughter during an altercation. He faced charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and child abuse.

Vonshae also claims that Gunplay relapsed in her presence, further damaging their already strained relationship. Fans have questioned Vonshae’s decision to be involved with Gunplay, calling her “crazy,” but she maintains that she has learned from the experience.