Love & Hip Hop Star Vonshae Taylor Finds Love Again


Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Vonshae Taylor-Morales is moving on from a tumultuous period in her life and is now gushing over her new relationship with a mysterious man. The reality TV personality recently revealed that she is now dating Franck Njonkou Seudio, a 26-year-old multi-millionaire businessman from Africa, after parting ways with her former partner, Gunplay.

Key Takeaway

Vonshae Taylor-Morales, a prominent figure from Love & Hip Hop: Miami, has embarked on a new romantic journey with Franck Njonkou Seudio, a successful businessman, following the end of her marriage with Gunplay.

A New Beginning

After a challenging year marked by a split from her former husband Gunplay, Vonshae Taylor-Morales is now in a much better place, thanks to her newfound romance with Franck Njonkou Seudio. The Love & Hip Hop star shared that she had been struggling with depression following the tumultuous end of her marriage with Gunplay, who was arrested for domestic violence back in August.

Falling in Love

Vonshae Taylor-Morales and Franck Njonkou Seudio’s love story began when Franck reached out to her via direct message. Their first date, which involved enjoying pizza and taking a leisurely walk in Florida, marked the start of their blossoming relationship. Vonshae revealed that Franck, a successful entrepreneur with diverse business ventures in media, e-commerce, Airbnb properties, and the automotive industry, has been incredibly supportive. Not only has he generously covered her legal and medical expenses, but he has also expressed his desire to marry her and adopt her 9-month-old daughter.

A Bright Future

Despite acknowledging her enduring love for Gunplay, Vonshae Taylor-Morales emphasized that she has moved on from their relationship, especially in light of Gunplay’s recent legal troubles. Gunplay’s attempts to influence Vonshae led to the revocation of his bond and a subsequent 28-36 month sentence for violating a court-ordered restraining order.