Prince Michael Of Love & Hip Hop Miami Apologizes For Revealing Explicit Details About Lori Harvey


Reality TV star Prince Michael from the popular show Love & Hip Hop: Miami has issued an apology for his recent podcast interview, where he openly discussed intimate and explicit details about his past relationship with Lori Harvey. While he expresses remorse, his apology comes across as unapologetic.

Key Takeaway

Prince Michael from Love & Hip Hop Miami has apologized for sharing explicit details about his past relationship with Lori Harvey. His apology, however, appears insincere, and many fans have criticized him for publicly discussing his intimate encounters with Lori.

The Controversial Podcast Episode

In a recent episode of the “We in Miami” podcast, Prince Michael did not hold back as he shared graphic details of his relationship with Lori Harvey. He revealed that they used to meet up for intimate encounters by taking an Uber to each other’s places, and shockingly, he claimed that they never used protection.

Prince Michael reminisced about their past encounters, mentioning that they took place several years ago when Lori had a different body type, reminiscing about her being “thick.” However, some of the revelations took a disturbing turn when he admitted to attempting to secretly record one of their intimate moments, which Lori had suspected all along.

Affairs and Fallout

Adding fuel to the fire, Prince Michael also made claims about his involvement with Saweetie’s family. He boldly stated that he had engaged in relations with Saweetie’s mother, which led to her husband accusing him of being a home-wrecker.

Lori Harvey, who is now in a relationship with Damson Idris, has previously been linked to several high-profile figures such as Quavo, Future, Michael B. Jordan, and Diddy. However, instead of focusing on these relationships, Prince Michael’s revelation about his past with Lori has drawn negative attention from fans who believe he crossed a line by divulging such personal information.

Prince Michael’s Apology

In response to the backlash, Prince Michael issued an apology. He admitted to attempting humor in his podcast responses but acknowledged his failure in doing so. Prince Michael attributed his behavior to his own insecurities, ultimately blaming himself for sabotaging his relationship with Lori.

While Prince Michael’s apology acknowledges his mistakes, it remains to be seen whether Lori Harvey and others involved will respond to his regretful revelations. As for Prince Michael, he now faces the consequences of his actions and can only hope to learn from this experience moving forward.