Gary Owen Opens Up About Steve Harvey Show Experience And Hollywood Struggles


Gary Owen was recently featured in an explosive interview by Katt Williams, where he shared some shocking stories about his experiences in the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaway

Gary Owen’s candid revelations shed light on the challenges and disappointments faced by comedians in the entertainment industry, highlighting the complexities and struggles that often go unnoticed behind the glamour of show business.

Gary’s Disappointing Experience with Steve Harvey

During the interview, Gary revealed his disappointment with his experience on Steve Harvey‘s TV show. He had hoped for a partnership with Harvey, but instead found himself hidden backstage doing voiceovers for the show. This move affected his standup schedule and ultimately led to financial strain.

Comparing Gigs: Steve Harvey Show vs. Hip Hop Squares

Gary highlighted the vast difference in earnings between his time on the Steve Harvey show and his stint on Deray Davis‘s “Hip Hop Squares.” He claimed to have made four times more money from just three episodes of ‘Squares’ compared to two weeks at Steve Harvey’s operation.

Additional Revelations

Aside from his experience with Steve Harvey, Gary also mentioned Rickey Smiley‘s behavior during the filming of “Friday After Next,” echoing Katt Williams’ negative sentiments towards Smiley. Additionally, he hinted at facing challenges in Hollywood, including an encounter with a Hollywood executive related to the MeToo movement.