Kyle Richards Responds To Claims That Marriage Drama Is For Popularity


“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards has clapped back at those suggesting that the recent troubles in her marriage with Mauricio Umansky are simply a ploy for attention. In a recent episode of Bravo’s “Hot Mic” podcast, Richards dismissed the idea that she would put her family through turmoil for the sake of boosting ratings.

Key Takeaway

Kyle Richards addresses rumors of fabricating marriage drama for attention, expressing that her motivation is not about gaining popularity for the reality TV show. She firmly asserts that the issues in her marriage are genuine and challenges misconceptions about her intentions.

A Rejection of Fabrication Claims

During the podcast interview with Alex Baskin, an Emmy-Nominated Executive Producer, Richards expressed her disbelief at the notion that she would fabricate the issues she and Umansky have been facing in their relationship. She emphasized that her motivation is not to stay relevant, as she has already been a part of the reality TV show for 13 seasons.

Richards also addressed another skeptic theory, commonly referred to as the “gold digger” theory. Some speculate that she is only staying with her real estate mogul husband for financial gain. Richards staunchly refuted these claims with a bold response, one that must be heard to be fully understood.

The Status of Their Relationship

In July, Richards and Umansky announced their separation after 27 years of marriage. However, they have consistently stated that they are not getting a divorce and have been working through a challenging year. Despite the separation, they have continued to vacation together as a family and reside under the same roof.

Umansky has denied any romantic involvement with his “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Emma Slater. However, Richards remains skeptical, even referring to their separation as a “divorce” during BravoCon.

Emphasizing the Reality of the Drama

As speculation swirls, Richards wants to make it perfectly clear that the drama in her marriage is authentic and not manufactured for attention. She firmly asserts that the last thing on her mind is turning her personal struggles into a popularity contest for a “dumb TV show.”