Kyle Kuzma Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Dog Attack On Plane


A man named Bernardo Tosto has filed a lawsuit against NBA star Kyle Kuzma, alleging that Kuzma’s dog bit him during a plane ride earlier this year. The incident is said to have occurred on May 4 near the Van Nuys airport in California, while both individuals were on the same flight.

Key Takeaway

NBA player Kyle Kuzma is facing a lawsuit after a man claimed that Kuzma’s dog bit him during a flight. The plaintiff alleges that he suffered severe injuries as a result and blames Kuzma for not securing the dog. The exact damages being sought remain undisclosed.

According to Tosto’s lawsuit, he claims to have suffered “severe injuries” as a result of the dog attack. Tosto further argues that Kuzma is to blame for the incident, as the basketball player allegedly failed to take necessary precautions to secure his dog.

The specific damages being sought by Tosto in the lawsuit remain unspecified. It is currently unclear which of Kuzma’s dogs was involved in the alleged attack, as the former Lakers star has been seen with multiple dogs on his Instagram page over the past few years.

Kyle Kuzma, who recently signed a 4-year, $90 million extension with the Washington Wizards, has yet to provide a comment on the matter.