Man Assaulted By Mike Tyson On Plane Demands $450K, Boxer’s Lawyer Calls It ‘A Shakedown’


A man who was allegedly assaulted by former boxing champion, Mike Tyson, on a JetBlue flight last year is now demanding $450,000 from Tyson to avoid a future lawsuit over the altercation. However, Tyson’s attorney, Alex Spiro, vehemently denies the claims, calling it “a shakedown” and stating that no payment will be made.

Key Takeaway

A man who was allegedly assaulted by Mike Tyson on a plane is demanding $450,000 in order to avoid a future lawsuit. Tyson’s attorney has called it a “shakedown” and stated that no payment will be made. Tyson has not faced any criminal charges in relation to the incident.

The Allegations

The demand for $450,000 was made in a pre-litigation letter sent to Spiro earlier this week by Melvin Townsend’s lawyer, Jake Jondle. Jondle argues that Tyson could have found other ways to defuse the situation but instead chose to resort to physical violence, viciously assaulting Townsend.

Townsend claims to have suffered a severe headache and neck pain as a result of the attack. According to Jondle, Townsend is still experiencing the effects of the assault to this day. The requested sum of $450,000 is intended to cover Townsend’s legal expenses and any future medical treatment that may be required.

No Shakedown Payment

In response to the demands, Tyson’s attorney, Alex Spiro, firmly states that there will be no payment made. He refers to the letter as a “shakedown” related to an incident that occurred a year ago and the subsequent aftermath. Spiro remains steadfast in his assertion that Tyson will not be coerced into making any financial settlements.

The Previous Claims

Previously, representatives for Tyson had claimed that the incident happened because Townsend had thrown a water bottle at Tyson and had repeatedly annoyed him during the flight. Tyson himself later addressed the incident on his “Hotboxin” podcast, stating that Townsend had been “f***ing with him” prior to the altercation.

On the other hand, Jondle, in his letter, contradicts those claims and states that Townsend was simply excited to see Tyson on the flight and began discussing the marijuana industry and psychedelic mushrooms with him, which allegedly annoyed Tyson and led to the attack.

No Criminal Charges

It’s important to note that Tyson has not faced any criminal charges in relation to the incident. Prosecutors declined to file charges against him in May 2022, clearing him of any criminal wrongdoing.