Kourtney Kardashian Denies Kim’s Group Chat Claim, Backed By Friends


Kourtney Kardashian sets the record straight, refuting Kim Kardashian’s claim of a secret group chat where people gossip about her. In a series of Instagram replies, Kourtney shuts down the speculation and provides evidence to support her stance.

Key Takeaway

Kourtney Kardashian denies the existence of a secret group chat and dispels Kim Kardashian’s claims. She presents evidence and gathers support from her close friends, revealing the truth behind the alleged “Not Kourtney” text group.

Digging Deeper into the Group Chat Allegations

Following the premiere of “The Kardashians” last week, the ongoing feud between Kourtney and Kim spills over onto social media. Fans questioned the authenticity of Kim’s on-screen suggestion about a “Not Kourtney” text group. Kourtney addresses these doubts head-on by sharing her findings.

In response to a fan, Kourtney dismisses the existence of a secret group chat and clarifies, “I believe it was just my sisters from the surveys I’ve been taking.” Another inquiry receives a similar reply, as Kourtney reveals the supposed members of the chat: Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. According to Kourtney, the case is closed.

Receipts and Support from Kourtney’s Inner Circle

Kourtney substantiates her claims with a screenshot of her conversation with close friends who express their loyalty towards her. The evidence indicates that her friends have been contacted and questioned about their involvement in the alleged “Not Kourtney” group, which they deny.

Kim’s Accusations and the Escalating Feud

The reason behind the discussion revolves around Kim’s televised allegation that some of Kourtney’s acquaintances have been secretly confiding in her and other family members, airing their grievances about Kourtney. Kim dramatizes the situation, stating that these friends complain about Kourtney’s behavior to the family behind her back.

In a heated argument between the sisters, Kourtney accuses Kim of being a narcissist and always seeking attention. This latest disagreement adds to a history of on-camera clashes, hinting at the potential for future confrontations.