Kim Kardashian Urges President Biden To Take Action Against Another Armenian Genocide


Reality TV star and philanthropist, Kim Kardashian, has made a heartfelt plea to President Joe Biden, calling for his intervention to prevent another Armenian Genocide. In a powerful op-ed written alongside Dr. Eric Esrailian and published in Rolling Stone, Kardashian highlights the urgency of the issue and urges global leaders to take decisive action.

Key Takeaway

Kim Kardashian’s impassioned plea to President Biden highlights the urgent need for action to prevent another Armenian Genocide. Through her op-ed in Rolling Stone, she calls for the cutting off of foreign aid to Azerbaijan and the boycotting of international events in the country. Kardashian’s efforts, both in raising awareness and making substantial donations, demonstrate her unwavering commitment to supporting the Armenian community and advocating for peace.

Azerbaijan’s Blockade and its Impact

Kardashian emphasizes that Azerbaijan’s ongoing blockade has dire consequences for the indigenous Christian Armenians living in Artsakh. The blockade, which has been in place since December, cuts off their only lifeline to the outside world, leaving them vulnerable and isolated. Adding to their distress, the recent war in Ukraine has forced certain countries to rely on Azerbaijan for oil, enabling Azerbaijan to use starvation as a weapon against the Armenian population in the region.

The Need for Action

Kim Kardashian asserts that the time for mere “thoughts, prayers, or concern” has passed. She sheds light on the conflict overseas and the attacks on Armenians in Artsakh in 2020, which were exacerbated by a ceasefire agreement that was ultimately not upheld. Furthermore, Kardashian argues that the lack of response from governments around the world has only emboldened Azerbaijan in its actions.

Kardashian’s Call to President Biden

In her plea to President Biden, Kardashian appeals for the cutting off of foreign aid to Azerbaijan and the boycotting of international events held in the country. By taking these measures, she believes that global leaders can send a powerful message and protect the lives and rights of Armenians in Artsakh and beyond.

Kim Kardashian’s Efforts for Armenia

Kim Kardashian, who herself is of Armenian descent, has consistently used her platform to bring attention to the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia. In 2020, she donated $1 million towards humanitarian efforts in Armenia, while her siblings Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob also made significant contributions. Kardashian’s dedication to this cause demonstrates her unwavering commitment to raising awareness and aiding those affected by the ongoing conflict.