Malibu Mayor Accuses Kourtney Kardashian Of Fraudulent Permit For “Baby Shower”


The Allegations

Mayor Bruce Silverstein claims that Kourtney Kardashian’s event planner submitted an application to the city for a party, stating that it was a baby shower. They requested an “Emergency Expedited Permit for Large Events” at a single-family home. The permit was filed in part due to parking issues with the crowd. Additionally, they were renting a house that did not belong to Kourtney.

Key Takeaway

The mayor of Malibu has accused Kourtney Kardashian of obtaining a fraudulent permit for a party. The event, originally claimed to be a baby shower, turned out to be a promotional event for Kourtney’s brand. The mayor has called for an investigation into any potential involvement of city employees in the alleged fraud.

According to the mayor, it was all a sham. The party was actually a promotional event for Poosh Camp. Poosh is Kourtney’s health and wellness brand.

The Deception

The mayor says that the permit application stated that 94 guests would attend the “baby shower” when in reality around 600 guests showed up for Poosh.

Mayor Silverstein said, “The City of Malibu continues to prioritize celebrities and Uber wealth over residents. City staff gets sold to the Kardashians and grants an expedited emergency permit for a large event at an empty single-family home in a gated neighborhood.”

He continued, “As an elected official, I am dismayed by the situation and can now empathize with complaints from residents throughout the city. It is not a good look for the city, though it is a great advertisement for non-residents who want to come here and disrupt the peaceful enjoyment of the people who live in their homes.”

Investigation Underway

Mayor Silverstein has requested an internal investigation to determine if any municipal employees were “complicit” in the alleged fraud. The City Council will meet on Monday to address the issue.