Kevin Gates Gets Fit For Tour With Help From Kevin Durant


Kevin Gates, the popular rapper, is gearing up for his highly anticipated “Only the Generals” Tour. And according to him, he has Kevin Durant to thank for his impressive basketball skills and the fitness he has gained through incorporating the sport into his workout routine.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Gates attributes his improved fitness to his involvement in basketball, with guidance from Kevin Durant on the importance of shot accuracy.

In a recent interview conducted in Hollywood, Kevin Gates expressed his excitement about how playing basketball has enhanced his physical fitness. He revealed that he has been actively participating in the TCL Crew League, where he enjoys the opportunity to showcase his skills on the court. Although he jokingly admits that he may be more like Jason Kidd than Jason Tatum, he has found immense joy in spending time on the hardwood.

During his training sessions, Kevin Gates has had the privilege of shooting around with some of his favorite professional players, including Kevin Durant, DeMar DeRozan, and Chris “Lethal Shooter” Matthews. Gates shared that Durant, in particular, imparted valuable advice to him, emphasizing the importance of focusing on each shot above everything else.

With the tour set to kick off on October 6, Gates believes that the motivation and energy he has gained from his basketball endeavors will greatly benefit him throughout the extensive four-month, 31-city journey across the country.

Notably, Kevin Gates previously gained viral attention for his impressive vertical leap, which led to comparisons to Kevin Durant’s dunking ability. Now, with his newfound skills and dedication, he might even take his performance to an even higher level, potentially executing a jaw-dropping 360° windmill dunk.