Kevin Durant Stands Up To Heckling Fans Before Game Against Mavericks


Phoenix Suns’ Kevin Durant had a tense moment with fans before the game against the Mavericks on Thursday night. The incident occurred when Durant overheard derogatory remarks from the fans as he was heading out for warmups.

Key Takeaway

Kevin Durant confronted heckling fans before a game against the Mavericks, intervening to prevent their ejection from the arena. Despite the confrontation, Durant delivered a strong performance during the game, scoring 23 points and securing six rebounds.

Confrontation with Fans

A video captured the exchange, showing Durant stopping in his tracks upon hearing the offensive language. He then approached the fans, engaging in a heated back-and-forth for about 30 seconds before eventually walking away in frustration to join his teammates. The NBA has a history of removing heckling fans from games at the request of players, and it seemed like the two Dallas supporters were about to be escorted out before Durant stepped in to intervene.

Intervention and Game Outcome

Although the details of the conversation between Durant and the fans remain unclear, reporter Jonah Javad mentioned that the basketball star prevented the fans from being ejected from the American Airlines Center. Despite the confrontation, Durant went on to score 23 points and secure six rebounds during the game. However, the Suns were defeated by the Mavericks with a final score of 123-113.