Kanye West Responds To Swifties, Defends His Impact On Taylor Swift’s Career


Kanye West has fired back at Taylor Swift fans who are attempting to prevent him from securing a top spot on the music charts. The rapper asserts that he is not an adversary, but rather an ally to Swift.

Key Takeaway

Kanye West responds to Taylor Swift fans’ efforts to impede his music’s success, asserting that he has been more helpful than harmful to Taylor’s career and highlighting his support for her in the music industry.

Kanye’s Defense

Swifties have been mobilizing to boost Beyoncé’s new country music in order to obstruct Kanye’s latest music from claiming the top position on the Billboard Hot 100. In response, Kanye has addressed the “SWIFTIE EMERGENCY” on social media, presenting intriguing counterpoints.

Ye contends that Swifties should not target him, as he believes he has been more beneficial than detrimental to Taylor’s career. He references his past lyrics, including “I made that b famous,” and maintains that the longstanding drama between him and Taylor has actually elevated her profile.

Supporting Taylor

Kanye also highlights his support for Taylor when Scooter Braun acquired her master recordings, from which her dad reportedly earned $15 million. He emphasizes that both Taylor and Beyoncé serve as significant inspirations to all musicians, including himself.


While Kanye’s mention of Taylor in his new “Vultures” album may have reignited past conflicts, he asserts that the album exudes positivity and enjoyment. Ultimately, Kanye communicates to the Swifties, “I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY UUUM IM NOT YOUR FRIEND EITHER THOUGH LOL.”