Kid Capri Believes Kim Kardashian Should Privately Apologize To Taylor Swift


Renowned DJ Kid Capri has weighed in on the ongoing feud between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. Rather than advocating for a public showdown, he suggests that the two celebrities should settle their differences privately.

Key Takeaway

Kid Capri believes that for a resolution to be reached, Kim Kardashian should privately apologize to Taylor Swift. He emphasizes the importance of genuine communication without the interference of media and social platforms. Kid Capri also questions Kanye West’s accountability in the feud.

A Feud That Persists

Recently, it was revealed that Kim Kardashian had yet to mend fences with Taylor Swift following the infamous phone conversation in 2016. In the call, Kanye West, Kim’s husband, appears to get Taylor’s approval for the controversial lyrics in his song “Famous,” which caused a major rift between the two superstars.

Kid Capri, who has had positive experiences with the Kardashian family in the past, having DJed Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s wedding in 2009, emphasizes the importance of doing what is right. He references acclaimed filmmaker Spike Lee as an example of someone who handles conflicts in a morally conscious manner.

The Path to Resolution

To achieve a genuine breakthrough, Kid Capri suggests that both parties should exclude media and social platforms from their discussions. By doing so, they can prioritize sincere communication without the interference of external influences.

However, Kid Capri doesn’t absolve Kanye West of his role in the feud. He specifically questions whether Kanye had indeed obtained Taylor Swift’s consent before including derogatory lyrics about her in his song.

The Fallout

In the aftermath of the leaked phone call, Taylor Swift admitted that it led her to contemplate moving to a foreign country and made her wary of those around her. Despite this, it is ironic that it is Kanye West who currently resides overseas, while the issue of trust continues to surround his lyrics.