Jussie Smollett Reveals Shaved Head Amidst Substance Abuse Rehabilitation


Jussie Smollett, the renowned “Empire” star, has emerged with a striking new look as he embarks on a journey of recovery and transformation. Recently, he was spotted sporting a shaved head while attending outpatient treatment at a rehabilitation center.

Key Takeaway

Jussie Smollett, the “Empire” star, has emerged with a shaved head as he undertakes outpatient treatment at a rehabilitation center for substance abuse. Alongside his ongoing legal battles, his decision to seek professional help highlights the importance of addressing personal challenges head-on.

Seeking Help and Support

Carrying a book titled “Narcotics Anonymous,” Jussie Smollett made his way into the rehab facility where he is currently undergoing treatment for substance abuse. This decision comes as no surprise, as previous reports have highlighted his ongoing struggles.

In a statement from his representative, it was revealed that Jussie has faced significant challenges in the past few years. Quietly working hard to overcome his personal obstacles, he has now taken the courageous step of seeking professional help and support, which is commendable.

Continuing Legal Battles

While undergoing rehabilitation, Jussie Smollett is also fighting against a conviction related to a highly-publicized incident in Chicago back in 2019. The actor had claimed that he was attacked by two masked individuals who identified as supporters of former President Donald Trump. These alleged attackers had put a noose around his neck, fueling widespread outrage and concern.

However, Jussie’s account was later questioned, leading to charges of faking a hate crime. Following a trial, he was sentenced to 150 days in jail, although he was released while awaiting the outcome of his appeal.

Focusing on Rehabilitation

While the nature of Jussie Smollett’s substance abuse has not been publicly disclosed, it was referenced during his trial. As he undergoes treatment, it is important to recognize the significance of prioritizing his rehabilitation and personal growth.