Osundairo Brothers Express Skepticism Towards Jussie Smollett Entering Rehab


The Osundairo brothers, Abimbola “Bola” and Olabinjo “Ola,” who played a critical role in securing Jussie Smollett’s conviction, have raised doubts about his recent decision to enter rehab. According to the brothers, Smollett’s timing is questionable, as he chose to seek treatment just as an appeals court was about to rule on his conviction for orchestrating a hate crime hoax.

Key Takeaway

The Osundairo brothers express skepticism towards Jussie Smollett’s decision to enter rehab, questioning his timing and suggesting it may be a strategic move in light of his impending conviction appeal.

While Bola and Ola acknowledge the importance of rehabilitation for those in need, they believe that Smollett could have taken this step much earlier if he genuinely required it. They suspect that Smollett’s motive behind entering rehab is to elicit sympathy, potentially leading to a sentence of house arrest rather than imprisonment.

It has been noted that Smollett’s rehab stint appears to be focused on substance abuse, excluding alcohol. Recent sightings of him with a fresh haircut and clutching a “Narcotics Anonymous” book support this observation.

Previously, Bola admitted to providing drugs to Smollett but denied any involvement in their sale to the actor.

Despite their reservations, the brothers hope that Smollett receives the necessary help he requires. Bola emphasizes the importance of truth, stating that it will ultimately set Smollett free.

As previously reported, Smollett was sentenced to 150 days in jail after being found guilty of lying to the police about a staged attack by alleged Trump supporters in 2019. However, he was released shortly after beginning his sentence, pending the outcome of his appeal.

Since then, Smollett has been seen working on film sets in California and spending time with his former “Empire” co-star, Taraji P. Henson.

Smollett’s spokesperson revealed that he has been silently working on self-improvement through an outpatient program, highlighting the challenging nature of the past few years for the actor.