Jussie Smollett’s Appeal Rejected By Special Prosecutor


Jussie Smollett’s attempt to appeal his conviction has hit a roadblock as the special prosecutor, Dan Webb, has dismissed the grounds for an appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court. This decision comes after Jussie’s motion to have the IL Supreme Court review his case and overturn the conviction.

Key Takeaway

Jussie Smollett’s appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court has been rebuffed by the special prosecutor, who contends that the actor’s claims lack legal standing, thereby diminishing the prospects of a successful appeal.

Special Prosecutor’s Response

Special prosecutor Dan Webb, who led the case against Jussie for fabricating a hate crime, has responded to the actor’s appeal, stating that Jussie’s claim of having an agreement in place to avoid prosecution does not hold merit. Webb emphasized that the alleged agreement was “imaginary” on Smollett’s part and did not shield him from facing charges at a later date. Additionally, Webb refuted Jussie’s assertion of being a victim of double jeopardy, highlighting that the legal term does not apply in this scenario.

Legal Standpoint

Webb clarified that protection from double jeopardy is only applicable after the accused has undergone the perils of trial and potential conviction. He pointed out that the initial charges against Jussie were dropped a mere 12 days after his arraignment, long before the commencement of the trial proceedings.

Special Prosecutor’s Stance

Special prosecutor Webb firmly asserted that Jussie’s case does not warrant a review by the IL Supreme Court. He expressed his desire for the high court to dismiss Jussie’s appeal, potentially paving the way for the actor to serve the remainder of his 150-day sentence, of which he has only completed 6 days thus far.