Jada Pinkett Reveals How Chris Rock’s Oscars Slap Saved Her Marriage To Will Smith


Jada Pinkett Smith recently revealed that her marriage to actor Will Smith was on the brink of collapse, but it was an unexpected event involving comedian Chris Rock that ultimately saved their relationship. In an interview with Daily Mail, Jada opened up about a pivotal moment that she refers to as the “holy slap” and the positive impact it had on their marriage.

Key Takeaway

Jada Pinkett Smith credits an incident involving Chris Rock at the Oscars for saving her marriage to Will Smith. The moment served as a wake-up call, solidifying Jada’s commitment and making her realize that she would never leave Will. Although separated since 2016, the couple has since reconciled and is navigating the complexities of their relationship.

The ‘Holy Slap’ that Changed Everything

During the Oscars ceremony a few years ago, Chris Rock made a joke that indirectly served as a wake-up call for Jada and Will. Reflecting on that night, Jada admitted that she had contemplated not attending the event altogether. However, she decided to go, and the consequences were truly life-changing.

Jada described the incident as a “holy slap” because it made her realize the depth of her love for Will. She acknowledged that, after years of uncertainty, that moment solidified her commitment to their marriage. It forced her to see that she would never leave him, no matter the challenges they faced.

A Relationship Defined by Complexity

In her memoir, Jada shared that she and Will had been separated since 2016. Yet, despite this separation and the subsequent difficulties they encountered, their public statements and actions indicate that they are now back on track. The exact nature and status of their relationship, however, remain a mystery.

Will has previously described their journey together as “brutiful” – a combination of brutal and beautiful. It reflects the highs and lows they have experienced, the challenges they have overcome, and the strength of their bond.

Chris Rock’s Unexpected Role

While Jada and Will have expressed gratitude for the impact of Chris Rock’s joke, it is unclear how the comedian himself feels about being inadvertently involved in their relationship epiphany. His comedic remark inadvertently served as a catalyst for the couple’s renewed commitment to one another.