Will Smith Reflects On Recent Adversities, Emphasizes Self-Acceptance And Self-Improvement


Will Smith, the renowned actor, recently took the stage at the Red Sea Film Festival in Saudi Arabia and opened up about the challenges he has faced in the past couple of years. In his heartfelt address, Smith emphasized the importance of personal growth and not seeking external validation.

Key Takeaway

Will Smith candidly reflects on the challenges he has faced, emphasizing the significance of inner growth and self-acceptance. He strives to detach himself from external validation, focusing on personal contentment and continuous self-improvement. Smith is determined not to let outside influences hinder his path to success and remains dedicated to his filmmaking and storytelling endeavors.

Coming to Terms with Adversities

Smith’s candor undoubtedly refers to the widely publicized Oscars slap incident, but it also touches on his personal life, particularly his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith. He acknowledged the highs and lows of fame and robustly expressed the need to detach from the opinion of others.

Despite his success and acclaim, Smith affirmed that he no longer seeks the applause of the outside world for validation. Rather, he now focuses on finding contentment within himself and his purpose, irrespective of the world’s opinions or evaluations.

Embracing Imperfection and Pursuing Self-Improvement

Recognizing his own humanity, Smith humbly admitted that he is still a work in progress. He aims to refine his character and strengthen his virtues as he continues along his journey of self-improvement. In recent times, his primary goal has been to enhance his craft as a filmmaker and storyteller while inspiring others in the process.

Smith’s words may appear to some as philosophical musings, yet they contain valuable insights. The essence of his message is clear: he is resolute in not allowing external influences to shape his mindset or hinder his progress, regardless of the circumstances or the source of criticism.

A Shift of Focus towards Professional Endeavors

While Smith has recently garnered attention due to revelations about his unconventional relationship, he is excited to redirect the conversation back to his work. During his appearance, he disclosed that the highly anticipated sequel to “I Am Legend” is officially in the works. Furthermore, he delighted fans by announcing that Michael B. Jordan is set to be part of the film, with the script already completed.

Smith eagerly shared his plans to speak with Jordan, discussing their next steps in the project on the following day. This news marks a promising return to his professional endeavors and serves as a reminder of his unwavering dedication to his craft.