Haley Cavinder Commits To TCU And Makes A Return To College Basketball


After a brief retirement from college basketball, Haley Cavinder, the social media sensation and half of the famous Cavinder Twins, has made a surprising comeback. The 22-year-old star recently announced that she will be joining the TCU women’s basketball team for her final year of eligibility.

Key Takeaway

Haley Cavinder has made a surprising comeback to college basketball, committing to play for the TCU Horned Frogs for her final year of eligibility. Her decision to return was driven by her passion for the game and the desire to avoid future regrets.

In a social media post shared on Monday, Haley made her commitment official, showcasing photos of herself sporting a Horned Frogs jersey and crown while sitting on a throne. The caption read, “The last rodeo #committed.” The announcement was met with excitement and support, with her sister commenting, “GO FROGSSS BABY” and revealing that their mom had even bought purple cowboy boots after seeing the news.

The Cavinder Twins, both on and off the court, have been incredibly successful. They have secured lucrative deals with companies such as Betr Media and WWE, making them some of the most profitable college athletes in the game right now.

Initially, the dynamic duo had decided to forego their final year of college basketball to focus on expanding their brand and pursuing various business ventures. However, Haley had a change of heart and decided to continue her basketball career after taking some time off.

In an interview with Forbes, Haley explained her decision, saying that after announcing her retirement alongside her sister, she felt an immense amount of pressure. She realized that she still had a deep love for the game and would regret not returning to it in the future. This realization led her to recommit to TCU and lace up her sneakers once again.

TCU is undoubtedly thrilled to have Haley on their team. Last season, she was recognized with second-team All-ACC honors, thanks to her impressive performances that included an average of 12 points and four rebounds per game.

This will be the second time the Cavinder Twins will be playing separately, but fans can be sure that Haley’s sister, Hanna, will be there to support her every step of the way. As Haley takes to the court once more, both her teammates and fans are eagerly awaiting her return, excited to witness her skills and contributions to the TCU women’s basketball program.