Bronny James Misses First USC Practice, Coach Provides Update On His Recovery


The University of Southern California (USC) Trojans started their team practice without Bronny James, the star freshman, who continues to recover from a cardiac arrest he experienced in July. Coach Andy Enfield shared an encouraging update on Bronny’s condition, highlighting his positive progress and academic success.

Key Takeaway

Bronny James, the star freshman at USC, is reportedly “doing very well” as he recovers from a cardiac arrest. Coach Andy Enfield provided an optimistic update on Bronny’s condition, highlighting his exceptional academic progress and reaffirming his value to the team. While no specific timeline has been established for his basketball return, Bronny’s teammates have noted his positive outlook throughout his recovery process.

Bronny’s Well-being and Academic Achievements

Despite being absent from practice, Bronny James is reportedly “doing very well,” according to Coach Enfield. While no specific details were provided regarding his return to basketball, Enfield emphasized that the Lakers superstar’s son is excelling off the court.

Enfield confirmed that Bronny is attending classes and demonstrating exceptional academic performance. “He’s going to class and doing extremely well in school, and we’re really excited for him,” Coach Enfield stated. The coach commended Bronny’s commitment to both his education and his recovery from the health scare.

Enfield further explained that Bronny is attending team activities when he can and is also catching up on schoolwork. Despite the absence from practice, Enfield emphasized that Bronny’s academic achievements are excellent, reaffirming his dedication as a true student-athlete.

No Timetable for Basketball Return

While no specific timeline has been set for Bronny’s return to college basketball, Coach Enfield expressed his belief that the 18-year-old will continue to be a valuable asset to the USC Trojans team once he is ready to play.

Earlier this year, Bronny James was diagnosed with a treatable congenital heart defect, which led to his cardiac arrest. However, his family remains optimistic that he will be able to resume his basketball career with the appropriate medical care and precautions.

Positive Outlook and Team Support

Despite being unable to participate in practice, Bronny’s teammates have observed that he remains in high spirits. They have described him as happy and lighthearted in the weeks following the incident. The support from his teammates continues to contribute to Bronny’s recovery and well-being.