Haley Cavinder Reverses Retirement Decision And Plans To Continue Playing Basketball


After announcing her retirement from basketball earlier this year, Haley Cavinder has had a change of heart. The 22-year-old, who had initially penned an emotional farewell letter alongside her twin sister Hanna, has now entered the transfer portal and intends to return to the court next season.

Key Takeaway

Haley Cavinder, after initially announcing her retirement from basketball, has decided to continue playing and has entered the transfer portal. Her comeback follows a remarkable run with the University of Miami, where she helped lead the team to their first-ever Elite Eight. Alongside her success on the court, Haley is a popular figure with a significant following on Instagram. Despite her previous reluctance to play without her sister, she has had a change of heart and is now ready to embark on a new basketball journey.

A Memorable Last Run

Cavinder’s previous stint on the basketball court was nothing short of remarkable. She played a key role in leading the University of Miami women’s basketball team to their first-ever Elite Eight. This Cinderella run included a stunning upset of the top-seeded Indiana, with Cavinder sealing the victory with clutch free throws in the final moments of the game.

During that season, Haley garnered recognition for her exceptional performance, earning second-team All-ACC honors. She averaged an impressive 12 points and four rebounds per game.

Success Beyond Basketball

Aside from her accomplishments on the court, Haley Cavinder has also achieved significant popularity off the hardwood. With nearly three-quarters of a million followers on Instagram, she has built a strong fanbase that supports her in all her endeavors.

In addition to her basketball career, Haley and her sister Hanna recently signed a noteworthy NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deal with WWE. As part of the “Next In Line” class, many expected the talented twins to embark on a new journey in the world of professional wrestling.

A Change of Heart

Haley’s decision to reverse her retirement plans came as a surprise, especially considering her previous statement that she did not want to continue playing without her sister Hanna. In her own words, she conveyed, “I started with her, so at the end of the day, I want to end basketball and start our new lives together, but it was definitely difficult for me.”

However, something has evidently changed, and fans are now left wondering where Haley Cavinder will ultimately find herself next season.