Former Lions Quarterback Scott Mitchell Expresses Anger Over Barry Sanders Documentary


Former Detroit Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell recently took to social media to express his dissatisfaction with the new documentary about his former teammate, Barry Sanders. In a passionate rant on Facebook, Mitchell voiced his frustration over how he was portrayed in the film and the allegations made against him.

Key Takeaway

Scott Mitchell, former Lions quarterback, expresses his frustration over being blamed for Barry Sanders’ lack of Super Bowl victories in a new documentary. Mitchell also criticizes his former coach for not supporting him and calls for shared responsibility for the team’s performance.

Mitchell Disappointed with Blame Game

The documentary, titled “Bye, Bye, Barry,” was recently released on Prime Video and explores the career of Barry Sanders. However, Mitchell’s main grievance with the film was the implication that he was accountable for Sanders’ failure to win a Super Bowl during his time with the Lions.

Mitchell began his Facebook post by commending Sanders’ exceptional skills on the field. However, he quickly shifted attention to his critics and expressed his exasperation with their accusations. In an uncensored manner, Mitchell conveyed his frustration, stating, “I’m so tired of hearing how I was the reason that Barry Sanders never won a Super Bowl. I’m so tired of hearing how I was not a good QB. My only response is F*** YOU ALL!!!!! That includes Eminem and Jeff Daniels.”

Disappointment with Former Coach

Mitchell also expressed disappointment with his former coach, Wayne Fontes. He was disheartened to hear Fontes openly discussing his desire for renowned quarterbacks Joe Montana or Warren Moon to be under center instead of Mitchell. According to Mitchell, a lack of support from the coach hindered Sanders’ success.

“A little support from the coach might have gone a long way,” Mitchell added. “Wayne never had my back!”

Mitchell Calls for Shared Responsibility

Turning his focus to Sanders, Mitchell asserted that blame should not solely fall on him. He argued that despite the widespread adoration for Sanders in Detroit, the team’s success was a collective effort. Mitchell questioned Sanders’ performance in playoff games, suggesting that the blame for their lack of Super Bowl wins should not be placed solely on other team members.

“Bottom line, Barry Sanders had everything in Detroit,” Mitchell continued. “Everyone loved him. Everything was built for Barry to succeed. In his 10-year career, he won one playoff game, and the only reason he didn’t win more was everyone else was the problem?”

Mitchell concluded his rant by expressing his belief that the Lions could have achieved more if the team had exercised greater patience. However, he acknowledged that the outcome did not align with his aspirations.