Brett Favre Wanted Deion Sanders At Southern Miss Before JSU And CU Success


In an interesting revelation, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre recently shared that he had attempted to recruit Hall of Famer Deion Sanders to coach at Southern Miss before his successful stints at Jackson State University (JSU) and the University of Colorado.

Key Takeaway

Brett Favre revealed that he tried to recruit Deion Sanders as the head coach of Southern Miss before Sanders’ current coaching positions at Jackson State University and the University of Colorado. Favre believed that Sanders possessed the qualities necessary for success and had high expectations for him.

Favre’s Recruitment Efforts

According to Favre, his recruitment of Sanders to his alma mater happened a few years ago when Sanders’ son, Shedeur, was a high school student considering attending Southern Miss. It was during this time that Jay Hopson, the head coach of the Golden Eagles, had just resigned, and Favre saw an opportunity to bring in Prime.

“I knew he would do a great job,” said Favre, who played alongside Sanders in Atlanta during the 1991 season. “I knew the things we needed at Southern Miss, he checked all the boxes. Charisma, enthusiasm, filling up the seats. He would have done that.”

Favre also believed that Sanders’ leadership would have gained the respect and followership of the players. He added, “Not to mention, we would have had his son, who will probably be a Heisman finalist this year.”

The Path Not Taken

Unfortunately, Deion Sanders did not end up coaching at Southern Miss. Instead, he found himself at Jackson State University, where he has had tremendous success over the past two years. Sanders eventually moved on to the University of Colorado, where he currently has the Buffs ranked at No. 18 in the country.

Favre’s Reflections on Sanders’ Success

Favre expressed no surprise at Sanders’ achievements, stating, “This is not a one-hit wonder.” It seems that Favre recognized Sanders’ potential not only as a player but also as a coach, even before his recent successes.