Deion Sanders Deserves New 10-Year, $166 Million Deal, Says CU Legend Jeremy Bloom


Former Colorado Buffaloes football star, Jeremy Bloom, has made a bold statement regarding the compensation of head coach Deion Sanders. Bloom believes that Sanders deserves to be paid more than any other coach in college football, including big names like Nick Saban and Kirby Smart. In fact, Bloom is advocating for a new contract for Sanders worth around $16 million per year, lasting for at least the next 10 years.

Key Takeaway

Jeremy Bloom, former Colorado Buffaloes football star, believes that head coach Deion Sanders deserves a new contract worth

66 million over 10 years. Bloom emphasizes the need for an updated deal to prevent other teams from poaching Sanders.

Bloom emphasizes the urgency of offering this updated contract to Sanders, as he fears that without a substantial deal, other teams may be able to lure the successful coach away with a bigger paycheck. According to Bloom, the current buyout clause in Sanders’ contract is too small, making it easy for any team to gather enough funds from boosters to buy him out and offer a more lucrative long-term deal elsewhere.

Bloom is so concerned about potentially losing the Buffs’ leader that he has even expressed his willingness to contribute $100,000 of his own money to kick off the fundraising for Colorado University’s new agreement with Sanders.

Currently, Sanders is earning approximately $6 million per year under his current contract, which is a five-year, $29.5 million deal that he signed earlier this offseason. Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future compensation, Sanders has expressed his commitment to staying at CU for the long haul. He has grown fond of Boulder and considers it his home.

However, Bloom remains skeptical, suggesting that coaches often make promises about staying loyal until a more lucrative offer presents itself. He believes that if another team approaches Sanders with an enticing offer that could change the course of his decision.

Deion Sanders, who has guided the Buffaloes to an impressive 3-0 record this season, will have an opportunity to further prove his worth when his team faces the formidable Oregon Ducks as three-touchdown underdogs on Saturday in Eugene.