Calvin Johnson Believes Ricky Williams Would Be A First-Ballot Hall Of Famer With Eased NFL Marijuana Rules


According to a recent interview with former NFL star Calvin Johnson, Ricky Williams, the talented running back, could have easily secured a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame if the league had relaxed its policies on marijuana during his playing days. Johnson, who played for the Detroit Lions, expressed his belief that Williams’ exceptional skills coupled with the potential benefits of marijuana could have extended his career and solidified his legacy.

Key Takeaway

Calvin Johnson asserts that Ricky Williams could have been a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer if the NFL had eased its weed policies during their respective careers.

Johnson, known as “Megatron” during his playing days, also hinted that he himself might have benefited from a change in the NFL’s rules on marijuana. The now 38-year-old wide receiver insinuated that his career could have lasted longer had he been able to take advantage of the potential advantages offered by marijuana while playing.

The NFL has recently taken steps to relax its strict policies on marijuana, and Johnson hopes these changes will pave the way for both current and future athletes to explore the usage of CBD products. Johnson, in collaboration with his former teammate Rob Sims, has established a cannabis company called Primitiv. They have recently introduced a line of products called Primitiv Performance, specifically designed to aid sports competitors in their recovery.

As they work on obtaining their NSF certification for sport, Johnson is eager for athletes to embrace these products once they become available. He expressed his personal belief in the effectiveness of these products, emphasizing that he uses them himself. In a lighthearted moment, Johnson even jokingly suggested that Primitiv Performance could potentially assist injured quarterback Aaron Rodgers in returning to the field more quickly this season.

Additionally, Johnson shared his enthusiasm for the success of his former team, the Detroit Lions, and praised head coach Dan Campbell for his authentic approach to coaching.