Fitness Trainer Sparks Controversy By Tearing Down Kidnapped Israeli Kids Poster


A fitness trainer in Los Angeles is causing uproar after tearing down a poster of kidnapped Israeli kids outside the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, was captured on video and has since gone viral.

Key Takeaway

A fitness trainer in Los Angeles, Zaid Shaat, has sparked controversy after tearing down a poster of kidnapped Israeli kids outside Gold’s Gym in Venice. The incident highlights the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict and the sensitivities surrounding the gym’s Jewish founder.

Proud Act of Defiance

The fitness instructor, identified as Zaid Shaat, boldly crumpled up the poster and threw it in the trash. When questioned about his actions, he expressed pride in what he had done and dismissed any objections with a vulgar response.

Shaat, a model and fitness trainer, is known for promoting a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to achieve their goals. However, his actions outside Gold’s Gym have sparked significant controversy.

Founder’s Jewish Roots

It is worth noting that the founder of Gold’s Gym, Joe Gold, was Jewish. This connection has intensified the backlash against Shaat, with many pointing out the insensitivity of his actions given the gym’s history.

Broader Context

The incident took place amidst ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. On October 7th, Hamas initiated attacks on Israel, resulting in thousands of casualties and over 200 civilians being taken hostage. In response, Israel launched airstrikes in an attempt to neutralize Hamas.

This complex situation has raised concerns about the loss of innocent Palestinian lives as a result of Israeli airstrikes targeting Hamas in the Gaza Strip.