Heartbroken Boyfriend Regrets Skipping Festival With Missing Israeli Woman


The heart-wrenching decision to skip a music festival with his girlfriend is tearing apart Ohad Malul, the boyfriend of missing Israeli woman, Shani Kupervaser. The couple had planned to attend the Supernova music festival near the Gaza Strip over the weekend, but Ohad decided against it due to exhaustion from a recent trip to Paris.

Key Takeaway

Ohad Malul, the boyfriend of missing Israeli woman Shani Kupervaser, regrets his decision to skip the Supernova music festival with her. He now grapples with the overwhelming feeling that he should have been there to protect her during the terrifying events that unfolded.

However, Ohad now finds himself filled with regret, feeling the crushing weight of not being there with Shani during this trying time. He wonders if his presence could have made a difference, saying, “It’s killing me inside that I am not with her.”

A Terrifying Turn of Events

Shani had assured Ohad that she wouldn’t stay at the festival for long and reassured him, saying, “Everything is going to be OK.” But her tone changed when she sent him a message from the event, describing rockets flying overhead.

In a moment of pure chaos, Shani and three of her friends decided to flee. They encountered gunfire and sought refuge in a roadside bomb shelter, where they were waved inside by others seeking safety. Little did they know that this shelter would turn into a horrifying trap.

A Shocking Encounter with Terrorists

According to Ohad, survivors of the ordeal have shared their harrowing experiences. The 30 people huddled inside the shelter were met with grenades thrown by Hamas terrorists. In a display of incredible bravery, two men, including one of Shani’s friends, caught the grenades and threw them back at the terrorists.

Ohad, however, remains in the dark about Shani’s fate. He doesn’t know if she is still alive, if she has been kidnapped, or if she has tragically lost her life. The uncertainty and anxiety are unbearable.

Hope for Others

Shani Kupervaser is not the only festivalgoer who has faced immense hardship during this devastating event. German artist Shani Louk was also kidnapped by Hamas terrorists and subjected to humiliation and mistreatment. Thankfully, Shani Louk’s mother learned that her daughter is still alive and pleaded with German officials to help secure her safe return.