Israeli Hostage Mia Schem Enjoys Festivities Before Hamas Attack


In a heartfelt effort to showcase the humanity of 21-year-old Israeli hostage Mia Schem, her mother, Keren Schem, has released videos showcasing Mia’s joyful and carefree moments, just before her capture by Hamas. The videos depict Mia smiling, partying with friends, and dancing at the Supernova Festival, a stark contrast to the terrifying ordeal she currently faces in Gaza.

Key Takeaway

Israeli hostage Mia Schem’s mother releases videos of Mia’s joyful moments before her capture by Hamas. Despite her ordeal in Gaza, Mia continues to exhibit resilience, pleading for her rescue from the Israeli government. The families of the hostages fear that Hamas may exploit their loved ones as shields in a potential Israeli offensive.

A Glimpse of Happiness: Mia’s Festive Spirit

The released videos capture Mia in high spirits, exhibiting her exuberance and zest for life at the Supernova Festival. Engaged in dancing and laughter, Mia’s carefree demeanor paints a vivid picture of a young woman simply seeking enjoyment at a festival.

Keren Schem, Mia’s mother, emphasizes that her daughter had only intended to attend a party – a festival celebration filled with fun and laughter. However, her fate abruptly shifted as she found herself in the midst of the dire situation she faces in Gaza today.

Despite the distressing circumstances, Mia’s resilience and unwavering spirit shine through in a video released by Hamas on Monday. In the video, she receives medical treatment for what appear to be severe injuries. On camera, Mia pleads with the Israeli government to expedite her rescue from Gaza, assuring them that she is fine.

A Desperate Plea for Her Return: Keren’s Anguish

In a press conference held on Tuesday, Keren Schem passionately implored the world to bring her daughter back home. Devastated by her child’s abduction, she labeled Hamas’ actions a “crime against humanity.” Prior to the attack, Keren had tirelessly attempted to reach Mia, futilely calling her daughter’s phone for hours after Hamas terrorists stormed the festival, killing numerous innocent concertgoers and taking hundreds of people hostage.

In response to the attack, Israel has initiated airstrikes on Hamas hideouts in Gaza. However, fear looms over the families of the hostages, concerned that Hamas may use their loved ones as human shields in the event of an Israeli ground offensive against the terrorists.