Eminem’s Unwavering Loyalty To BlackBerry Despite 2022 Network Shutdown


Eminem, the iconic rapper, has been spotted once again with his beloved BlackBerry, despite the fact that the network for this device was shut down in 2022. This revelation came to light when DJ Whoo Kid shared a photo featuring Eminem and D12’s Mr. Porter in an L.A. dressing room, with Eminem prominently holding onto his outdated BlackBerry.

Key Takeaway

Eminem’s recent appearance with his BlackBerry despite the network shutdown in 2022 underscores his enduring loyalty to outdated technology, sparking curiosity about his digital preferences and usage.

Eminem’s Enduring Attachment to Outdated Tech

Despite the prevalence of modern smartphones, Eminem’s continued use of a BlackBerry showcases his enduring attachment to the outdated technology. The photo shared by DJ Whoo Kid offers a rare glimpse into Eminem’s personal preferences, highlighting his steadfast loyalty to a device that has become obsolete in today’s tech landscape.

Promotion Amidst Controversy

During the encounter, the trio subtly promoted Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” following a viral negative review of the restaurant. This light-hearted promotion comes in the wake of a food critic’s scathing review, which labeled the dish as the worst ever due to its stale taste. Despite the criticism, Eminem and his associates engaged in playful banter, showcasing their camaraderie and sense of humor amidst the controversy.

BlackBerry’s Network Shutdown

It’s worth noting that BlackBerry officially shut down its network in January 2022, rendering the devices with limited functionality. This raises questions about how Eminem continues to navigate the digital landscape with a device that has become increasingly obsolete.