Denver Broncos’ Trade For Russell Wilson Criticized As The Worst In NFL History


The Denver Broncos’ acquisition of Russell Wilson has come under fire from former NFL general manager Michael Lombardi, who has labeled it as “the worst of all time.” Lombardi expressed his strong disapproval of the trade, emphasizing the significant negative impact it will have on the team.

Key Takeaway

The Broncos’ trade for Russell Wilson has been strongly criticized by ex-NFL GM Michael Lombardi, who has labeled it as “the worst of all time.” The combination of the trade and the substantial contract extension has led to severe scrutiny of the move, with doubts arising about Wilson’s future with the team.

Historic Blunder

Lombardi did not hold back in his assessment of the Broncos’ decision to trade for Wilson. He highlighted the combination of the trade itself and the hefty contract extension given to Wilson as the primary reasons for his scathing criticism. The exorbitant cost of the trade, which included multiple high-value draft picks and players, coupled with Wilson’s underwhelming performance, has led Lombardi to declare it as a historic blunder for the Broncos.

Disastrous Outcome

Following the trade, Wilson’s on-field performance failed to meet expectations, leading to his benching by head coach Sean Payton. This decision has raised serious doubts about Wilson’s future with the Broncos and has further reinforced Lombardi’s belief that the trade will be remembered as a disastrous move by the team.

Comparative Analysis

Lombardi drew comparisons to past NFL trades, notably highlighting the infamous 1989 trade between the Vikings and the Cowboys for Herschel Walker. However, he emphasized that the financial implications of Wilson’s contract set it apart from previous deals, making it uniquely detrimental to the Broncos’ salary cap for the coming years.

Future Prospects

Despite the current challenges faced by Wilson and the Broncos, Lombardi expressed optimism about Wilson’s potential market value if he becomes available in the future. He suggested that despite the turbulent tenure in Denver, Wilson could attract interest from other teams following his potential release by the Broncos.