New York Jets Trolls Sean Payton And Broncos After Dominant Win


In a stunning victory over the Denver Broncos, the New York Jets not only showcased their dominance on the field but also had some choice words for opposing coach Sean Payton. The Jets made it clear that they were not about to let Payton’s previous comments slide, and took every opportunity to troll him after the game.

Key Takeaway

The New York Jets celebrated their victory over the Denver Broncos by trolling Sean Payton, the opposing coach, who had previously made negative comments about the team.

The Offseason Champs: Jets Prove Their Worth

Sean Payton had accused the Jets of “trying to win the offseason” earlier this summer, suggesting that their efforts were focused more on off-field acquisitions rather than on-field performance. The Jets, however, proved Payton wrong with a commanding 31-21 victory, leaving no doubt about their abilities on the gridiron.

The Kevin James Connection

Adding a touch of humor to their victory, the Jets’ social media account, known as the Jets’ X, posted a photoshopped image of a bewildered Kevin James, who notably portrayed Sean Payton in the movie “Home Team.” The caption slyly referenced the Broncos’ loss, mocking them as the “offseason champs.” This playful taunt only added insult to injury for Payton and the Broncos.

Praising Nathaniel Hackett

Not content with just trolling Payton, the Jets took the opportunity to praise their offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett. Payton had previously criticized Hackett’s coaching abilities, claiming it was one of the worst coaching jobs in NFL history during his time in Denver. However, Hackett proved his worth as the Jets’ offensive coordinator, leading the team to a victory that left Payton and his comments looking foolish.

The Jets’ players and coaches made a point to commend Hackett after the game, shaking his hand and presenting him with the game ball. The recognition he received further emphasized the Jets’ satisfaction in proving Payton wrong.

The Final Jab: Jets Country Lets Ride

Not stopping there, the Jets’ cornerback, Sauce Gardner, took a final swipe at the Broncos’ quarterback Russell Wilson’s “Broncos County, Let’s Ride” slogan. Gardner cleverly rewrote it to read, “Jets Country… LET’S RIDE,” showcasing the team’s pride and unity following their triumph.

All in all, the New York Jets’ victory over the Denver Broncos was not only a testament to their prowess on the field but also a moment to silence their critics, particularly Sean Payton. The Jets’ trolling and well-deserved praise for Nathaniel Hackett served as a reminder that actions speak louder than words in the world of professional football.