Broncos Trolls Travis Kelce And Chiefs With Taylor Swift Song After Upset Win


Following their stunning upset victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos didn’t waste any time in rubbing salt into their wounds. In a move that had both Broncos fans and haters alike buzzing, the team decided to troll Travis Kelce and the Chiefs by playing Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” over the speakers at Mile High Stadium.

Key Takeaway

The Denver Broncos decided to add insult to injury by playing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” after their surprising victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. This move was seen as a jab at Travis Kelce and the media hype surrounding his association with the pop superstar. The win was a much-needed boost for the Broncos, as it was their first victory against the Chiefs in several years.

The Shocking Upset

The Broncos’ 24-9 win over the reigning Super Bowl champions in Week 8 was a major surprise in the NFL. As the game ended and the clock hit zero, the stadium erupted in celebration. But instead of playing a traditional victory anthem, the Broncos opted for a different approach.

A Clear Shot at Hype

The choice of “Shake It Off” was a clear jab at the media hype surrounding Travis Kelce and his association with Taylor Swift. Every time the pop superstar attends a game, the NFL broadcasts seem to go overboard with coverage. By playing Swift’s catchy tune, the Broncos were sending a message that they weren’t buying into the hype.

No Swift, No Luck?

Although Taylor Swift was not present at the game, some fans have jokingly suggested that she might be Travis Kelce’s good luck charm. In a previous game where she was in attendance, Kelce had a much more productive performance. However, this theory remains speculative.

A Joyful Kelce Before the Loss

Before the game, Travis Kelce was seen in high spirits. Rocking out to Taylor Swift’s biggest hits after his appearance at Game 1 of the World Series, Kelce seemed to be enjoying his time in the spotlight. However, the Broncos’ victory quickly dampened the mood.

A Long-Awaited Win

This victory marked the Broncos’ first win against the Chiefs since 2015, making it all the more satisfying for the team and their fans. It seems that their wildest dreams did indeed come true on that fateful day.