Russell Wilson Expresses Love For Ciara On Her 38th Birthday: “Heaven Sent”


Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, took to Instagram to celebrate his wife Ciara’s 38th birthday with a heartfelt post. Wilson professes his love for Ciara, referring to her as “Heaven sent” and expressing gratitude for her role as both a wife and mother to their children.

Key Takeaway

Russell Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, poured his heart out on Instagram to celebrate his wife Ciara’s 38th birthday. Wilson expresses his love and gratitude for Ciara, and their growing family, referring to her as “Heaven sent” and a blessing from God.

A Token of Love on Social Media

On Ciara’s special day, Wilson shared a series of photos on Instagram, accompanied by her latest hit song, “How We Roll,” featuring Chris Brown. The pictures depict various moments of their lives together, including football practices, vacations, and romantic date nights.

In his caption, the 34-year-old NFL star wrote, “Happy Birthday to my Queen, @ciara ❤️. You truly are Heaven sent, the perfect mother to our children, and God’s blessing to me as we get to do life together as Husband & Wife.”

Wilson expresses his gratitude for having Ciara in his life, acknowledging the blessings they have received as a couple and as parents. He further adds, “We are all truly BLESSED!! I’m so grateful that God brought you into my life, and that we’ve been able to create an amazing (growing) family.”

Building a Life Together

The two tied the knot in 2016, and after Wilson’s trade from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos, the family of five relocated to Denver. In August, they announced that they are expecting their third child together, a moment Wilson eagerly anticipated during his appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last year.

Wilson is also a loving stepfather to Ciara’s first son, Future Zahir. The couple’s bond extends beyond their relationship, having created a loving and supportive family unit.

A Bright Future Ahead

As Ciara celebrates her 38th birthday, Wilson looks forward to a year filled with joy and success. He expresses his excitement for the positive impact Ciara will bring, stating, “God has so much in store for you this year of life, and I can’t wait to see how much good will come from your presence and joy!!! I Thank Jesus for you every day! I Love You Mrs. Wilson.”

With Wilson’s heartfelt message, it’s clear that their love and devotion are stronger than ever, as they continue to build a life together filled with blessings, joy, and love.