Steve Smith Sr. Expresses Disdain For Jerry Jeudy Following TNF Altercation


Retired NFL star, Steve Smith Sr., didn’t hold back when expressing his thoughts on Jerry Jeudy, the Denver Broncos wide receiver, before Thursday Night Football. The confrontation between the two players prior to the game sparked a fiery exchange of words, resulting in Smith publicly criticizing Jeudy’s performance and mental resilience.

Key Takeaway

Retired NFL player Steve Smith Sr. publicly criticized Jerry Jeudy, the Denver Broncos wide receiver, before a game, expressing disappointment in Jeudy’s performance and questioning his mental resilience. Smith apologized for previously labeling Jeudy as an average wide receiver and advised teams against trading for him. With Jeudy’s underwhelming performance in the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the spotlight is now on how he will respond to the criticism and strive to improve.

The Pregame Incident

As the players came face-to-face before the game, Smith took the opportunity to address his previous comments about Jeudy. He had previously referred to the young receiver as a “Just A Guy” or J.A.G. However, Smith intended to apologize for his past remarks and acknowledge Jeudy’s improvement. Unfortunately, Jeudy’s response was less than receptive, using a curse word to dismiss Smith.

Smith Doesn’t Hold Back

Unfazed by Jeudy’s reaction, Smith unleashed a scathing critique of the Broncos’ first-round pick. He openly apologized for labeling Jeudy as an average wide receiver, stating that he hoped Jeudy would prove him wrong and step up his performance on the field. Smith made it clear that he believed Jeudy had not lived up to expectations since being drafted, suggesting that teams should avoid trading for him due to his inability to handle constructive criticism.

A One-Sided Victory

The Broncos faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs later that evening, and the encounter ended in a 19-8 loss for Denver. Jeudy’s statistics reflected a lackluster performance, with only three receptions for 14 yards. While Smith certainly got the last laugh, it remains to be seen how Jeudy will respond to the criticism and whether it will motivate him to elevate his game.