Jerry Jeudy Responds To Steve Smith Drama With Class


In the latest development of the feud between NFL wide receiver Jerry Jeudy and former All-Pro Steve Smith, Jeudy has chosen to take the high road. Despite the verbal tirade from Smith on “Thursday Night Football” last week, Jeudy has stated that he holds no hate towards the former player and believes that none of the drama would have gone public if they had handled it differently.

Key Takeaway

Jerry Jeudy has chosen to rise above the drama with Steve Smith, expressing that he holds no hate towards the former player. He believes that better communication could have prevented the public fallout and is now focused on moving forward.

A Recap of the Drama

During the Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs game last week, Smith unleashed a scathing attack on Jeudy. The comments made by Smith, where he called Jeudy “just a guy” and labeled him as a tier three player, quickly went viral. Jeudy, however, did not respond with harsh words of his own when asked about the incident in front of his locker.

The Importance of Communication

Jeudy explained that he initially did not accept Smith’s apology because he was unaware that one was coming. He expressed that if he had known Smith would apologize, he would have reacted differently and the whole situation could have been avoided. Jeudy emphasized that when someone speaks negatively about you behind your back, it is challenging to expect everything to be okay when they approach you in person.

Moving Forward

In addition to the drama with Smith, Jeudy has faced difficulties this year. He started the season injured and has struggled to make an impact on the field, tallying only 20 receptions since his return. Despite this, with the apparent resolution of the feud with Smith, there is hope that Jeudy can turn things around and regain his form. Broncos fans eagerly await his resurgence.