Chicago Blackhawks GM Denies Corey Perry’s Contract Cut Tied To Alleged Affair


In response to the recent speculation surrounding Corey Perry’s termination from the Chicago Blackhawks, GM Kyle Davidson has firmly stated that the decision has no connection to a rumored relationship with superstar Connor Bedard’s mother.

Key Takeaway

Chicago Blackhawks GM, Kyle Davidson, categorically denies any connection between Corey Perry’s termination and rumors of a relationship with Connor Bedard’s mother, Melanie. The termination was a result of Perry’s violation of the team’s internal policies, which is classified as a workplace matter.

Internal Investigation Results in Contract Termination

Perry, a winger for the Blackhawks, was placed on unconditional waivers following an internal investigation conducted by the team. The investigation revealed that Perry had engaged in conduct that violated the terms of his contract and the Blackhawks’ internal policies, leading to his contract termination.

Distorted Rumors Spread on Social Media

Shortly before Perry’s termination, rumors began circulating on social media suggesting that he was involved in a personal relationship with Connor Bedard’s mother, Melanie. Despite lacking substantial evidence, these rumors gained traction among many users.

GM Sets the Record Straight

GM Davidson took the opportunity to address these rumors and clarify the situation surrounding Perry’s termination. Although he did not explicitly mention Bedard by name, it was clear that he was referring to the alleged relationship.

“This does not involve any players or their families, and any suggestions otherwise are wildly inaccurate and frankly, disgusting,” stated Davidson emphatically.

He further emphasized the importance of taking appropriate measures before revealing more details, expressing empathy for the public’s desire for answers while respecting the privacy of everyone involved.

Termination Classified as a Workplace Matter

Davidson described the nature of Perry’s violation as a “workplace matter.” This reinforces the notion that the termination was unrelated to any personal relationships or affairs.

According to the Blackhawks’ official statement, Perry’s contract will be terminated promptly in the event that he clears waivers.