Connor Bedard Rebukes Rumors Of Corey Perry Sleeping With His Mom


Chicago Blackhawks player, Connor Bedard, has spoken out against the baseless rumors that his former teammate, Corey Perry, slept with his mother. In a recent interview, Bedard vehemently denied the allegations, calling them “a bunch of BS.”

Key Takeaway

Connor Bedard has dismissed the rumors of Corey Perry sleeping with his mother as unfounded and fake. Bedard, along with others involved, has denied any truth to the allegations. Corey Perry has acknowledged inappropriate behavior and is seeking help for his struggles with alcohol.

Bedard Addresses the Rumors

During a media session ahead of the Blackhawks’ game against the Winnipeg Jets, Bedard was asked about the ongoing gossip surrounding the team. He didn’t hold back in expressing his frustration with the unfounded claims.

“It’s just a bunch of BS on the internet,” Bedard stated firmly, acknowledging that the rumors have taken a toll on him and his family. He shared his disappointment, saying, “And that’s not fair.”

According to Blackhawks beat reporter, Ben Pope, Bedard further emphasized that the rumors were fake and fabricated. He emphasized that such rumors were out of their control and had no basis in truth.

Denials from Multiple Parties

Bedard is not the only one to reject these baseless allegations. Both Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson and Corey Perry himself have publicly denied any involvement in such behavior. However, Bedard’s denial may be the last we hear on the matter, as he expressed annoyance with the continued questions during the media session.

The Accusations and Perry’s Departure

The rumors began circulating online last month, with no credible evidence to support them. On Tuesday, the Blackhawks cut ties with Perry, although the exact reasons for his departure were not officially disclosed by the team. Reports suggest it was related to an “alcohol-infused incident” involving team staff and corporate sponsors.

Perry Addresses the Situation

In a statement released on Thursday, Corey Perry apologized for his behavior, acknowledging its inappropriateness. He expressed his commitment to seeking help and working with experts in the fields of mental health and substance abuse.

“I have started working with experts in the mental health and substance abuse fields to discuss my struggles with alcohol, and I will take whatever steps necessary to ensure this never happens again,” Perry declared. He also expressed his hope of regaining the trust and respect of those who have supported him throughout his career.