Cardi B Enjoys Offset’s 24-Hour Live Stream, Expresses Interest In Knowing His Every Move


Offset, the renowned artist, has found an innovative way to promote his latest album, one that has caught the attention of his wife, Cardi B. The rapper extraordinaire recently embarked on a 24-hour live stream in collaboration with YouTuber Kai Cenat. During this unique venture, Cardi B decided to give her husband a call and couldn’t help but express her enthusiasm for the endeavor. Putting the call on speaker, she jokingly remarked, “You should be live streaming every single day for 24 hours so I can keep track of everything you’re doing!”

Key Takeaway

Cardi B playfully suggests that Offset should live stream his every move, demonstrating the couple’s strong bond and newfound trust.

Though Offset and those in the room with him found Cardi’s comment amusing, the truth is that she actually meant it. Despite their past issues involving cheating accusations and Cardi briefly filing for divorce in 2020, the couple has been inseparable as of late. Their undeniable chemistry was even on display earlier this week when they staged a fake sex tape while backstage at the MTV VMAs. Needless to say, their relationship is stronger than ever.

Amidst the lighthearted conversation, Kai saw an opportunity and took his shot. Nervously, he asked Cardi if her sister, Hennessy, was available. It was a fun moment that sparked speculation about a potential new couple.