Cardi B Denies Reconciliation With Offset After Christmas Celebration


Cardi B, the popular rapper, made it clear that she and Offset are not back together, despite spending time together over the Christmas holidays. The couple’s activities during the festive season had sparked rumors of a possible reconciliation, but Cardi B took to social media to dispel these speculations.

Key Takeaway

Cardi B has made it clear through her social media activity that she and Offset are not reconciling, despite spending time together over the Christmas holidays.

Not Back Together

Cardi B and Offset were seen together on December 25, and the following day, they took their children to see Travis Scott in NJ. However, Cardi B’s actions on social media, particularly liking a “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” meme that addressed fake stories about her and Offset, indicated that there was no reunion on the cards.

Previous Outburst

This development comes in the wake of Cardi B’s emotional public statement about Offset, where she expressed feeling betrayed after years of mistreatment. She was emphatic about moving on from the relationship, and her recent actions seem to reinforce this stance.

Clear Message

Cardi B’s actions and social media activity make it evident that the holiday season togetherness does not signify a permanent reunion with Offset, setting the record straight amid widespread speculation.