Cardi B And Offset Spotted Together In NYC Despite Breakup


Cardi B and Offset were seen hanging out together in New York City, sparking rumors of a possible reconciliation despite their highly publicized split. Despite their efforts to avoid being photographed together, a fan’s social media posts seemed to confirm their joint outing.

Key Takeaway

Despite their publicized breakup, Cardi B and Offset were seen spending time together in NYC, leading to speculations about a possible reconciliation.

Spending Time Together in NYC

The former couple appeared to be enjoying each other’s company throughout the day in NYC. Although they tried to keep a low profile, a fan’s photos with both Cardi B and Offset at the same location suggested that they were together.

Speculations and Reactions

Speculations about a potential reunion arose after the pair spent Christmas together with their children and attended a Travis Scott concert in New Jersey. However, Cardi B had previously made it clear that there was no romantic reconciliation, as evidenced by her social media activity.