Cardi B Offers Chrisan Motherly Advice, Warns About Postpartum Depression


Cardi B, the renowned rapper and mother of two, recently took the time to offer some valuable words of wisdom to Chrisean Rock, a first-time mom. During a promotional visit to NYC, Cardi shared candid advice on various topics related to motherhood, with a particular emphasis on recognizing the early signs of postpartum depression.

Key Takeaway

Cardi B advises new mom Chrisean Rock to prioritize self-care and be vigilant of possible signs of postpartum depression. She emphasizes the importance of taking breaks and not neglecting one’s own well-being amidst the demands of motherhood.

Cardi’s first suggestion to Chrisean was to prioritize self-care, even in the midst of the demanding schedule of a full-time mom. She stressed the importance of taking breaks for personal time, which could range from enjoying a solo outing to grabbing a quick bite to eat. Cardi revealed that adjusting to the responsibilities of motherhood takes time, and it’s crucial not to neglect one’s own well-being in the process.

As a devoted family woman, Cardi B understands the complexities of managing a career and a household. Alongside her husband, Offset, she ensures that their brood is an integral part of their daily routines. From fun-filled trips to Disneyland to celebrating special occasions together, Cardi recognizes the significance of incorporating family time into her busy life.

Although Cardi is currently promoting her latest collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, she acknowledges that not everyone is a fan. One of rap’s prominent critics, Joe Budden, recently voiced his dissent regarding Cardi’s new song. However, Cardi remains undeterred and expresses her willingness to explore different styles and genres, showcasing her versatility as an artist.