Blueface Claps Back At Kelly Stafford Over Suite Stripper Comments, Calls Her A ‘Karen’


Rapper Blueface is not holding back in response to Kelly Stafford’s criticism of his makeshift strip club at the Rams game on Sunday. The wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was quick to condemn Blueface for his controversial actions, but the rapper wasted no time firing back, labelling her a straight-up “Karen”.

Key Takeaway

The clash between Blueface and Kelly Stafford over the rapper’s suite stripper incident at the Rams game has sparked a heated exchange on social media. Blueface defended his actions, calling Kelly a “Karen” and targeting Matthew Stafford. Kelly Stafford has yet to respond, leaving the possibility of further escalation or resolution in the future.

The Controversial Incident

The incident occurred during the Rams game on Sunday, where Blueface decided to make it rain on nearly-nude dancers in his SoFi Stadium suite. Kelly Stafford, unimpressed with the spectacle, publicly expressed her disappointment in the rapper’s behavior.

Blueface Defends His Actions

Blueface took to Twitter to defend his actions, stating that he was never reprimanded or confronted by stadium officials for his behavior. He also emphasized that he had paid for the suite and had the right to enjoy it as he pleased.

Directly addressing Kelly Stafford, he warned her to get her husband in check before he becomes disrespectful. He also pointed out that her own family members, including her nephews and daughter, have likely seen worse on social media platforms like Instagram.

Taking Aim at Matthew Stafford

Not one to hold back, Blueface also targeted Matthew Stafford, accusing him of being partially responsible for the Rams’ loss to the Steelers. He suggested that Kelly should focus on discussing her husband’s performance on the field instead of criticizing his actions.

Promising to Return

In a final tweet, Blueface vowed to return to SoFi Stadium when the Rams play their next game there. It seems that he is undeterred by the criticism and is willing to continue enjoying his suite in the future.

The Silence