Matt Stafford’s Wife Criticizes Blueface’s Inappropriate Behavior At Rams Game


Matthew Stafford’s wife, Kelly, expressed her outrage towards rapper Blueface for his recent actions at a Rams game. She labeled his decision to bring strippers to a suite at SoFi Stadium as “embarrassing” and “disappointing.” Kelly even went as far as considering not bringing her daughters to future games due to the incident.

Key Takeaway

Kelly Stafford criticizes Blueface for bringing strippers to a suite at SoFi Stadium during a Rams game. She expresses her concerns about the event’s impact on children attending the game and calls for additional measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Controversial SoFi Stadium Strip Club

During the Rams versus Steelers game, Blueface invited several adult performers to his suite. As the women stripped and danced, he proceeded to shower them with cash. The rapper seemed unfazed by the spectacle and even distributed money to nearby fans. However, Kelly Stafford was appalled when she discovered what was happening just a few yards away.

A Family-Friendly Environment?

In a podcast episode of “The Morning After,” Kelly expressed her frustration, stating that attending a football game should be a family-oriented experience. She was particularly disturbed by the fact that there were children present in neighboring suites. Kelly highlighted the impact it had on her own four daughters and nephews, who witnessed the inappropriate behavior.

Upon learning of the incident, Kelly’s nephews, who have Instagram, shared their disbelief with her. They exclaimed, “Look what’s going on here!” Kelly’s daughters also noticed the commotion, questioning their mother about the “butts” they saw. Kelly, shocked at their discovery, realized the severity of the situation and the importance of safeguarding her children from such explicit content.

Seeking Accountability

Kelly Stafford believes that Blueface was ultimately removed from the suite. However, she demands more action from SoFi Stadium and the Rams organization to prevent similar incidents in the future. The incident has prompted a necessary evaluation of security measures and policies regarding inappropriate behavior during public events.