Blac Chyna Opens Up About Health Complications After Breast Implant Reduction Surgery


Angela White, also known as Blac Chyna, has recently shared her journey of undergoing breast implant reduction surgery, which she claims has resulted in some unexpected health complications. The reality TV star and model has been open about her decision to alter her appearance, citing discomfort and a desire for a different aesthetic as the driving factors behind her choice.

Key Takeaway

Blac Chyna’s decision to undergo breast implant reduction surgery has led to unexpected health complications, including encapsulation of her left breast. Despite the challenges, she remains positive about her recovery and is looking forward to embracing her new look.

The Painful Process of Reduction

Blac Chyna revealed that she opted for a smaller breast size due to feeling that her previous implants no longer suited her body. However, the process of reducing the size of her implants has not been without challenges. She underwent multiple surgeries to gradually decrease the size, and unfortunately, encountered health issues along the way.

Health Complications

Chyna disclosed that she faced complications following the surgeries, including her left breast becoming encapsulated, where the muscle contracted around the implant. This unexpected outcome has been described by Chyna as the worst possible result, especially considering that she had not previously experienced such side effects from her previous surgeries.

On the Road to Recovery

Despite the difficulties she has faced, Blac Chyna remains optimistic about her future. She expressed that while the process has been painful, she is currently focused on her recovery and is pleased with her new look. Additionally, she has shared her plans to take up running in 2024, with the goal of participating in a marathon, a pursuit that she believes may be more manageable now that she has undergone the reduction surgeries.