Tyga And Blac Chyna Resolve Custody Dispute Over Son King Cairo


In a surprising turn of events, Tyga and Blac Chyna have finally settled their long-standing custody dispute over their 11-year-old son, King Cairo. This marks a significant milestone in their bitter feud, as they have managed to reach an amicable agreement without the need for Tyga to pay child support.

Key Takeaway

Tyga and Blac Chyna have finally reached a settlement in their custody dispute over their son, King Cairo. They will now share joint legal and physical custody, with equal decision-making rights and scheduled visitation. This amicable agreement aims to provide a healthier co-parenting environment and prioritize the well-being of their child.

Settlement Details

Sources with inside knowledge of the situation reveal that both parents have agreed to joint legal and physical custody of King Cairo. This means that they will share equal responsibility for making decisions regarding the child’s health, education, and overall well-being.

The new arrangement also outlines specific parenting schedules. Chyna will have King every weekend, from Friday to Monday, while Tyga will have him for the rest of the week. This ensures that both parents have ample time to spend with their child and actively participate in his upbringing.

A Promise of Healthy Co-Parenting

In addition to determining custody and visitation rights, the court has mandated that neither Tyga nor Chyna can speak ill of each other in front of King. This requirement aims to create a harmonious environment for their child, free from any negativity or hostility between the parents.

Furthermore, both Tyga and Chyna will enroll in a communication monitoring program designed to facilitate effective co-parenting. This program will allow them to exchange information, discuss important matters concerning King, and maintain transparent and respectful communication.

Final Thoughts

This settlement represents a significant turning point for Tyga and Blac Chyna, who have been embroiled in a bitter custody battle for years. The newfound agreement not only ensures that King Cairo will have a stable and loving environment, but it also brings a sense of closure to a tumultuous chapter in their lives. With joint custody and a commitment to positive co-parenting, Tyga and Chyna are taking a crucial step towards prioritizing their child’s well-being.