Alicia Keys Ventures Into The Tea Industry With ‘Alicia Teas’ Trademark Application


Alicia Keys, the renowned singer and songwriter, has recently made a move to expand her business ventures beyond music. In a surprising development, Keys’ company, AK Worldwide, has filed a trademark application for a line of teas called “Alicia Teas”. The application suggests that Keys is exploring the possibility of entering the beverage industry, with a particular focus on teas.

Key Takeaway

Alicia Keys has filed a trademark application for “Alicia Teas,” indicating her interest in launching her own line of teas. Inspired by a personal gift, Keys aims to turn her love for teas into a potential business opportunity. This move opens up new possibilities for her brand, and if successful, could introduce her unique teas to a wider audience.

Inspired by a Thoughtful Gift

The inspiration for this new venture appears to come from a heartfelt gift given by her partner, Swizz Beatz. On Alicia’s birthday in 2020, Swizz presented her with her own personal line of teas, a gesture that showcases his support for her interests and passions. Now, Alicia Keys seems eager to take this gift to the next level, turning her love for teas into a potential business opportunity.

With the filing of the trademark application, it is evident that Alicia Keys views the tea market as a promising avenue for growth. The clever play on words with “Alicia Teas” not only aligns with her name but also adds a touch of personality and uniqueness to the brand. This name seems to be a perfect fit for a range of teas that could captivate consumers seeking something refreshing and distinct.

Implications for the Future

While the trademark filing does not provide specific details about the types of teas Alicia Keys intends to offer, it does hint at the potential expansion of her brand. With her immense popularity and influence, it is not surprising that the singer aims to explore new opportunities beyond music.

As a global icon, Alicia Keys has a dedicated fan base that spans across different demographics. If her teas were to hit the market, it could very well appeal to both her existing fans and tea enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, jokingly suggesting that her teas may eventually be sold in Starbucks stores worldwide speaks to the ambition and vision Keys has for her business venture.